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Frequently Asked Questions

Website design Worthing from A Clear Web
A website gives you the opportunity to show your products and services to the world 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. It is the cheapest and probably the most effective marketing tool you could ever have in this day and age. It saves you time and money by collecting your important information in one place and allowing anyone to access it and find out all about your goods and services whenever they choose.  Marketed properly it can raise your profile & therefore increase your market share and ultimately your sales, turnover and profits.
A website is not easy to cost but there are some things you can do to help us.  We generally ask that you firstly find an existing site which would illustrate the amount of content you think you may want included. The subject can be completely different it will just give us a general feel for the size of the site.  We then ask you to find a few sites that you particularly like in terms of look and feel, colour, type of content and layout. Again the subject is irrelevant it just gives us an idea of your likes and dislikes.  After that, it is all about what you want the site to do, is it a brochure site, an information site or do you have something to sell online etc.  With all this in mind and a small amount of general information about your company / subject / existing branding etc we should be able to provide a fixed quotation.       
We don't like to give our clients any nasty surprises!
If you are providing your own hosting and domain, once your site is up and running, unless stated in our quotation for addtitional services / support contracts, there will be no ongoing costs.  
If we are hosting your site and / or maintaining your domain there will be a small yearly charge that will not break the bank. 
You will be advised about your options in this respect and any costs in your quotation.    
We will put a small logo link on your site that will link to ours and in return we will link to yours. Apart from that the only adverts on your site will be those that you choose to add.
It's a difficult question to answer and all depends on what the content is. You should aim to keep your content fresh and up to date,  nobody will revisit your site time and again if it hasn't changed in a long time or is irrelevant to them once used. The changes only need to be the content, a new product, a new promotion, the latest photographs, new contact details, whatever keeps your visitors interested.
Getting to the top of the search engines is largely dependent on the subject matter and the uniqueness of the content of your site.
You should try to think of a unique set of keywords or phrases that people may use to search for you compared to what your competitors are using and we can utilise these within your site SEO to the best advantage.
Popularity and links from other sites will also play a major role so make sure you include your website address on all your correspondence and ask all your friends and colleagues with websites to link to you.
Paid inclusion is the only guaranteed way but this can be extremely expensive, again dependent on the subject matter and may also be wasted where the user considers PPC sites less relevant as they often are.
You can include as much or as little information as you like from opening hours, to directions to your premises or even your entire range of products and services and how they work, or why they are the best available. Content is King when it comes to search engine rankings and why waste the opportunity? Anything and everything to make your site interesting and informative to keep your audience coming back for more!
We will keep a record of all your information on file for you if you choose this includes a full backup of your site should you deem it necessary. This will also make it easier for us should you want any updates or alterations applied. Just let us know your preferences.
You will have the password and therefore complete access to your own website, but we, of course hope that you will ask us to make your changes for you as and when you require them at the best possible price we can. Alternatively you can have a content management system (CMS) which will allow you to modify the text in certain parts of your site as often as you choose.
It is important to keep your content fresh and up to date so just ask for details.
If you have opted for a contact form, all messages left will automatically be sent to your chosen email address and a brief auto responder will be forwarded to the sender.
We will have discussed this at length beforehand so hopefully we will have interpreted your requirements correctly, but you will see the design in the early stages before the content is added and we can adjust it as necessary until you are happy.
Remember we only create it, you don't pay until you are completely satisfied with the result.
In addition to on-page SEO using your relevant keywords and phrases, we will start that process for you by registering it with the major search engines and any specific local databases that may be relevant if you choose.
There are literally thousands of sites that will give you free listings, it's obviously a gradual process, but worth getting links from as many of these as you can find. You can also play a big part by including your website address on all your paperwork and business cards.
You can ask for friends and colleagues who have websites to link to your site giving it better visibility, it all helps.
We can include a visitor counter within the content of your site although these are often considered outdated now, alternatively you can log into your control panel if you have your own host and view your statistics whenever you choose.
We can incorporate Google dashboard and analytics for more detailed information if you are interested.
Please ask for further information if this is very important to you.
A responsive site is designed to look good on all devices including mobile phones and tablets, adjusting the content automatically to fit and be easily readable. Google recently suggested that it will penalise non responsive sites, although we have seen no evidence of this so far.  A large percentage of internet browsing is now done on mobiles and tablets, whether this is relevant to your particular industry may be a factor, if you do not require a responsive site we can produce sites in the traditional way to be viewed only on desktops and laptops, but you may be missing a trick if you do.
Unfortunately not, in most cases it will need to be rebuilt from scratch. There are advantages in that any existing site will have all the relevant information to be included on the new responsive one which can generally be stripped easily which is less time consuming than building a brand new site giving a time /cost saving.


If you need any more information we are happy to help - just ask

Our aim is to give you & your website design & brand, the impact it needs in your particular competitive markets, using basic graphic design concepts combined with creativity & the correct SEO at a price you can afford.

About A Clear Web

Our aim is to give you & your website design & brand, the impact it needs in your particular competitive markets, using basic graphic design concepts combined with creativity & the correct SEO at a price you can afford. Whether you are based in Worthing or further afield we will design a website specifically tailored to you.

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We are able to maintain and update any site you may already have, often for a much lower price than your original web designer.

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